My homegrown tomatoes turn into homemade pizza sauce

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I have recently been thinking about trying to make pizza sauce from scratch, and this makes it sound much easier than I expected. Thank you for the recipe and instructions!


I remember one year when we had a huge garden, my mom canned a bunch of tomatoes into sauce.

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I likes me some lightly-crushed fennel seeds in my pizza sauce.



Those tomatoes are gorgeous, as are the dishes you created.

Bonus: Chewing a very small handful of fennel seeds, or drinking tea made from it (about a tea bag’s worth in a tea ball/spoon/infusion device or tiny strainer makes 2-3 good cups) has quickly eased the symptoms of all but one case of food poisoning I suffered. (That one case saw me laid up in bed for three and a half days after mom fed me undercooked chicken.)

My BF in Calif once had food poisoning, and half a small cup of fennel tea made it fuck right off. He happily & gratefully drank the whole pot. It worked V well for other friends, too.

Mom liked putting a little aniseed on her pizza.

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Blender? You leave the seeds in? :grimacing:

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There is nothing quite as nice as a home-grown tomato and those Romas make great sauce.
However never, ever put sugar into pizza sauce. Especially 3/4 of a cup which is way too much. That recipe also missed the oregano, without which it is not really pizza sauce.
I grew those Cherokee tomatoes also, last summer (southern hemisphere time) and they’re really nice but I didn’t get as many per plant as the other varieties I grew.


Whoops, quite right.
1/4 of a cup of sugar is too much too however.

“There’s just two things that money can’t buy- that’s true love and home-grown tomatoes”

  • Guy Clark

Man, I wish I’d known this a few years ago! Also undercooked chicken, also laid up for half a week. It was miserable.

Roger that! Our sun golds are just starting to turn orange and I can’t wait! We have some brandy wines and cherokee purples, too, but they’re a ways off.


I’ve been growing tomatoes for 25+ years. An easy way to process your tomatoes is to not blanch and skin them… I blend them in a food processor and cook them down, then use for sauces. I find they are much more flavorful this way and it is so much easier. I don’t like eating normal canned tomatoes anymore because skin-on is so much more delicious.


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