How to make a NASA Orion crew vehicle paper model


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This is exactly what NASA needs to do to generate interest and enthusiasm, and exactly the kind of thing that drives Republicans into a rage over the waste of a few thousand dollars.


I never got the knack of doing papercraft, but this sounds like a cool & inexpensive project.

I know from model rocket boards that there are cut-and-fold models of a huge variety of historic, proposed, and imaginary spacecraft.

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Well, I know what I’ll be googling.

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This is awesome, thanks for the link to the PDF file. One thought though, it does not bode well that the agency that is tasked with missions that hinge on near unassailable perfection cannot make a paper fold-up PDF file that does not require an entire black inkjet cartridge to print.

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I would like to try this, but yes, the amount of black ink holds me back.

This is what printers at work are for.


There are lots and lots of hits on “papercraft spacecraft.” These look among the more promising.

I remember making this thing (or something v similar) with my mum as a kid.

That sodding robot arm was a nightmare.

So edit the file and replace “black” with “light grey” or something. GIMP / GraphicConverter / Phoxo / whatever are your friend

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