How to make a toothbrush out of tissue paper


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I don’t imagine she had a hard childhood on the streets.


“world’s most versatile material: tissue paper!”

Um, ok…


This is hipster snark, right? Right?


Meet Lyss

She’s a vegetarian?


When she and her all her ilk die, you can stack the corpses, wait a few millenia and then you’ll have Lysss’s strata.

/edited to add: Really, just two likes? If you ask me, that was brilliant!


She’s kind of hot…need a date? :smiley:


Screw you if you don’t think this is funny AND you decided to post something shitty about it. It’s fun and funny and I for one could all use a little levity. So shove your negative remark it the bag of shit your heart is rotting in and fuck off.



Her teeth do seem to be in good order, so despite my initial reaction that this was silly nonsense, I am now brushing my teeth with tissue paper, or whatever I can find in the dumpster where I live.


I can’t stop watching that gif.


Well, heck, if you can make a shiv out of toilet paper, a toothbrush should be easy.


Psst, obviously nobody hardly watched to the end. :wink:


“This is for everything you did to me


For the super snarklepusses who didn’t actually watch the whole thing through, missing a couple of funny asides and posting their Lyss takedown attempt …may Lyss visit you in your sleep with scissors.


HilariLyss! :slight_smile:


That’s nothing, I often use a toothbrush in place of toilet paper. Nothing else gives you that “deep clean” feeling.


Plus, what else can really get to that hot day itchy crack with such ease and discretion? A little practice making the swap, and you can just look like you were fumbling for your wallet!
(@shaddack: to do: make programmable bristlebot with corresponding Bluetooth underpants with built in sweat sensor…)


Probably not given her near perfect teeth (maintained by tissue paper toothbrushes?), but if being all dark and broody and cynical is an image a lot of privileged youth like to put on, why couldn’t being chipper be something the less privileged like to feign?


Against the odds, I did watch to the end and the payoff was great.


Yes <3