How to make a Viking axe from a rusty old axe head

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So is the person like a White supremacist Viking-lover or some other type?

Nirrti on imgur says “Not to be pedantic, but ‘sig’ rune isn’t a proper rune, the correct one is Sowilo/Sigel, Sig is Nazi Germany invention.” (

and the axe restorer responds with: “Correct. Elder Futhark reconstructed name is *sowilo, ’sun’, Younger Futhark name is sól, ’sun’, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc name is sigel, ’sun’.”

So … he went with the Nazi rune on purpose??


The Sōwilō rune from the Elder Futhorc can be at least two variations, one an upright zigzag, the other an angular S consisting of three strokes, which most closely aligns with the modern S, but is also the character adopted by the Nazi SS.
I would suggest you examine closely the Wiki article on Runes, specifically the piece on the Elder Futhorc before accusing anyone of being a White Suprematist.

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Sorry to say it, but this isn’t a replica viking fighting axe or a nordic tool axe. It’s just a modern axe with a bunch of esoteric vikingy stuff slapped on it. Even that is all wrong if you’re going for replica/authenticity rather than a heavy metal album cover.

Nordic woodworking is a living craftsmanship tradition, using a wide variety of specialised tool axes for everything from house and boat building to spoon carving; here’s a cool video with an example:

Oh! And here is one of the better suppliers if you want a real one:


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