Whittler's "sloyd" knife for roughing and carving


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First project to undertake? A wooden spoon, and if you’re using a swedish whittling knife then you’re bound by code to make yourself a traditional swedish wooden butter knife.


I got my girlfriend a pink sloyd knife for her birthday. Here’s a picture of a beam of light striking the edge.


You can get a Mora for a couple bucks more. And they even make sets with little spoon carving knife in them.


The knife itself is also a great first project for aspiring knife makers!


Hm, funny name. “Sløyd” literally means “wood carving” in Norwegian. Probably some other Nordic languages too, I’d guess. And of course, Ø (or Swedish Ö)is not O - it’s pronounced more like “uh” (like in ‘turn’ or ‘work’, although slightly different).

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