How to minimize COVID-19 transmission during Thanksgiving: Pass the stuffing, not the coronavirus

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The people that are not going to refrain from family gatherings are also not going to start quarantining ahead of time or be vigilant about all these other safety measures. You’re either serious about not spreading this virus or you aren’t, and if you’re getting together for Thanksgiving then you aren’t.


We need a Samuel Jackson PSA telling us to “stay the fuck at home”.


The absolute best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to not have extended family gatherings, or participate in gatherings at all. But not everyone is going to be capable of following that guidance.

Not capable of not going to holiday gatherings? I guess if someone has you kidnapped, drugged, and confined to a wheelchair, maybe. Color me cynical but I’m guessing that 99.99% of those claiming “I simply can’t not go” just really, really, want to go.

Desire’s no excuse with lives on the line.

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