How to Pack for Any Trip is like a Marie Kondo book for travelers

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Just to say the the non-intuitive thing about backpacks is that in general, you want the heaviest stuff on the top of the pack. Because when you put that much weight on your back, you have to lean forward so that you and what you are carrying are centered over your feet. And the higher the heavy things are in the pack, the less far forward you have to lean.

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…unless you’re climbing up a mountain-side. The heavy stuff is lower and closer to your back.

Also: so, we’re supposed to fold clothes now, not roll them up?

And: where do I pack my tool set?

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…thus the “in general” qualifier…you also don’t want to pack your stove or it’s fuel above your food…

Keerist a’mighty…

Another useless book in airline evacuation card style, cluttering up the world.

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Well, personally, I appreciated the tip “Step 3: Continue to fold until the desired size is achieved.” No wonder I could never get my trousers to fit in the suitcase. So simple.


Your tool set should be waiting for you at the top of the mountain, so you don’t have to tote it all the way up.

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So long as it’s less than 7 times, of course.

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How I learned to pack on my own;

1: Spend unhealthy amount of time playing tetris on following machines- gameboy, snes, n64, mobile phone, xbone

2: Apply tetris skills to real life wherever possible.


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