How to prepare gogl-mogl, a Jewish cold remedy for the ages

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Does it relieve cold symptoms though?

Couldn’t hurt.


I think they drink about 800 of them in the movie version of Nabokov’s Despair.


I always recommend hot tea with honey and lemon for cough and cold (and echinacea tea is my go-to) for symptomatic cold relief, which even has a bit of science behind it.

I could see this being in that same vein. Works as well as any OTC meds, which is a very low bar, and is essentially side-effect free and pretty cheap. So, win-win-win. If it was my kid, I might pass on the boozy versions, though!


Great Gogly-Mogly! Is Homer Simpson Jewish?


I think Xander used the term in at least one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well.


These were common in my house as a child, and rather delicious as I recall. I only recall them being hot milk with a lot of honey; my family was always been a bit iffy about eggs in drinks.


Huh, I thought it was Frank Zappa :grinning:


Yeah, viscous drinks are not my bag, either. Especially when over sweetened like Puerto Rican Coquito. Save the sweetened, condensed milk and just give me the rum, please.


It’s not a Snickers. TV lied to me!

There is a new version with Kansas City’s coach Andy Reid for Allstate Insurance. Same Goggly moggly line.

From the name I would have pegged it as a Klingon cold remedy. But if it were a Klingon medication, it would be 1000% NOT Kosher. :laughing:

Honestly, this sounds like the worst thing for a cold.
It is basically a big glass of phlegm.
I would go with a hot lemon :lemon: drink, or a SE Asian hot/sour soup with lots of lime, garlic and chilli.

Also name-checked in Evolution (2001):

Not long after that the same character says “Mazel tov, it’s a boy”.

My most beloved wife, of Ashkenazi descent, had also not heard of it, but it’s definitely there in The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food.

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