How to put posters on a wall without holes


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Choose your tape wisely, though. Had to help a friend scrape masking tape residue off his window frames before he could repaint and that was a thoroughly unpleasant job. I always used that blue putty for hanging posters on walls I didn’t own.


“masturbation stone”

And these masturbation stones are magnetic too. Thank you! Just what was needed for my new pitch to Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop Industries.


I used to use the blue putty, but these days I am sold on 3M command stick adhesive. I don’t have anything else that’s as good for holding on tight, but not leaving a mess when you want to take it down. (you have to follow the instructions when removing it, or else you might take some paint with it)

I hung several pictures with 3M command stick on a wall that I do own, because the stud finder was telling the that the whole wall was 100% studs, and I didn’t want to have to punch holes until I found out what was really going on back there. For now ignorance is bliss


Sometimes putting a hole in the wall is the entire point of having the poster.



This looks like a good review for Can I run it there? I’ll paypal you $10.


@frauenfelder I’m curious what machine translator you used to get that result, because I’m getting completely different results from Google and Twitter (which uses Bing).


My linguistics geek of a partner suggested what strikes me as a pretty plausible explanation.

“Self-attracting” >> “self-loving” >> “masturbation” stone.


I would be delighted to see this on cool tools. You are more than welcome to use it.


Okay, but how do you get from there to Kevin Bacon?


Come again?



I may be missing something here–if you can tape the paper clip to the wall, why not just tape the poster to the wall? Then the tape only has to be strong enough to hold the poster, rather than the poster plus a paper clip, plus the weight of your magnet?


Because shut up! That’s why!


Because you don’t want tape on your poster.



Is an extra/leading actor connection allowed? You could use me.

Me+Timothy Hutton (American Crime) --> Timothy Hutton+Kevin Bacon (Digging to China).


Twitter gives me this translation:

Was just to resolve ever wall drill holes want to be but never graced posters and pasted on the wall clip in on ur wall, best use of posters in a clip and magnet

I would guess that where “masturbation stone” came from wasn’t “磁石” but “マステ” (masute), which is short for “masking tape” and is close to “マス” (masu), slang for masturbation.


I personally make it a point not to. But your mileage may vary.