How to remove warts at home with a soldering iron


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And if that doesn’t work there’s always the cheese grater.


Fuck that noise.

If I ever get a wart, I’ll try duct tape, that paint-on stuff, vick’s vapo-rub, the doctor, prayers, charlatan’s lies, gloves, and living with it before I go that route. Apparently, I am a delicate, what’s it to you!


that’s one way to get your RDA of lead.


Next up: home-made brain surgery using a Dremel tool!


Or you could, you know, go to a dermatologist, and have it removes in a few minutes.

Oh right! Murrica. Healthcare is a privilege up there.


He seems to have achieved the desired result. I had a 20 year old wart on my finger go away after doing some concrete work in my kitchen counters, which involved rubbing the wet concrete with my bare hands. I have no idea if the lime killed the wart, or what.


DIY surgery:

I once banged my finger real good, then the nail turned black and it hurt like crazy. After a day of this pain with no relief in sight, I mounted my finger in the drill press and drilled a pressure relief hole through the nail with a small PC board drill.

Yes, I set the depth stop, and I had my wife standing by in case I fainted.

The relief from the pressure was immediate and highly gratifying.


A red hot needle also works.


I’m an engineer, not a seamster.


Thanks BB for that gross moment.



I tied as many knots in the cord of the soldering iron as I had warts, then buried the iron under the east wall of the garden shed on the first night of the new moon. As a bonus, the warts were transferred to my brother-in-law.


You joke… but I have suffered pressure headaches for most of my life and have almost seriously considered home trepanation… if only I could be sure that it would a) work and b) not cause brain damage… /sigh


Most wart treatments (other than surgically removing it entirely) work by inducing an irritation in your body that grows a layer of skin underneath the wart. Or, in any event, work by irritating the area and then {{{research inconclusive}}} and then the wart falls off. So rubbing it against rough or mildly caustic surfaces for a while could probably do the trick.


Egon: That would have worked if you didn’t stop me.


I was once told about a man who would buy your warts, and it only worked if he gave you money for them. The person telling me the story swore it worked for her, but yours has more whimsy. I like it.


I had one as a kid that a doctor tried freezing off, with no success. Our family dog clawed it out by accident when we were roughhousing. No scar!


There are a zillion folk remedies for warts. I think they all work on the scientific principle that most warts go away on their own.


Sounds like the obvious solution … apart from going to a doctor.