How to ripen a rock-hard avocado in 10 minutes


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Ripen, or making soft?
I suppose the taste will be different from a ripe avocado.
But maybe worth the try. Avocado in foil on the bbq can also be nice.


That’s just what I was thinking, though my problem is usually that the ones in the store are too ripe already, so I won’t be putting this to the test.


Lucky I am (normally not) it’s nearly impossible to get a good ripe avocado over here. So I knew the bbq trick. But it’s not comparable to a real nice ripe one.
I see it as a apart taste. Apart use.



I typically ripen them by putting them in my pants after not showering for a couple days.

As a bonus, nobody asks me to share them after that ripening method-- more avocado for me.


And pears…


What happens if you wrap aluminum foil in an avocado and put it in a freezer for 10-15 minutes? Does security kick you out of the Safeway?


Precisely, it will be soft, but taste like shit.


If you happen to have a bunch of ethylene handy you can gas the shit out of your unripened fruits to force ripening :smiley:


Wrapped in foil? If so, don’t go through security.


i like you.


Hey, that’s great. . . want a piece of ripe avocado?


Note: unpredictable results may occur if you try to use this tip with a microwave oven.


as a challenge i’ve tried cooking avocados a million times. they always taste terrible.


i have a burning desire for some guac right about now.


I think I just guac’d in my pants.


Wow - I would have learned my lesson after maybe twice.


Dad always told me to remember to put the potato in the front of my swimtrunks, not the back. Damn you, short term memory!


You totally just said, rock-hard.


Additionally, your method is consistent with the avocado’s etymology.