Perfectly-sized wool socks that ripen avocados in 24 hours


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What?..I gotta wash the fruits clothes as well now?


Verdict seems to be “it doesn’t really do anything extra, but it’s entertaining”


If you wear the sock on your foot first and then put it on the avocado, it ripens almost immediately.


Dont you just put them in a bowl next to bananas? Let ethylene gas do its magic?


And pears.


With pears there is no step six


OK. Let me see if I’m understanding this.

Socks? For avocados?


For the life of me, I can’t imagine what lanolin would have to do with it. Anyone know? I didn’t find any further explanation about lanolin on their website, just that statement. I would think that the sock just keeps the ethylene gas—that the avocado is producing as it ripens—closer to the avocado than a paper bag would.


Now do bananas.


Marketing nonsense. All-natural, fair trade, cruelty free, organic socks. Most lanolin is removed during the wool preparation process anyway.




No, it’s sex. Sex for avocados.


My technique is simple. Root through the avocado bin, find an avocado that is uniformly dark green and is squishy but not too squishy, take it home, cut it open and promptly discard it.


Of all the qualities attributed to him, this is the one that seems the most incredible:



hey folks, I have a bunch of orphan wool socks on my dresser. I’ll let them go for the low price of only $18 apiece for your avocado ripening needs!


Stick it down the front on your pants. It’ll get pretty ripe.


Having some experienced with unprocessed wool. That don’t look like wool with its waxy coat still in tact, and unwashed wool would likely be a hell of a lot more expensive.

Also according to my gma its a bitch to work with.


And if you want dye to stick you need to get that lanolin off. Lanolin does a great job of gumming up industrial machinery and attracts insects too. More of a nuisance than anything


Don’t get these. I’ve heard they’re about to release another version of them that also incorporates the healing powers of crystal and elemental advantages of copper.