How to scale a wall with a long stick and a friend


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Why didn’t I think of it ?


Now all I need is a long stick.

And a friend.

And a wall.


It’s neat, but what’s the point of scaling a wall? Once they get up there, there will be no way down.

Edit: Thank you, Brainspore, for understanding this reference. Sorry, everyone else, for making it too obscure.




Hm. None for me, thanks.


There goes the wall idea. Sorry, Donny.


Given that it appears to be the outer wall of a building; and ‘tactical team’ is mentioned; I assume that the idea is to get in position for a ‘gas mask mooks shatter through the windows’ action shot, rather than getting chokepointed and massacred trying to seize a defended stairwell; and then just leave the building normally once you’ve finished shooting.


Vietnamese tactical training films have the coolest soundtracks.


Partner-assisted Parkour :question:


Uhhh. . . considering this is part of some kind of tactical training exercise, the weak spot is that the guy holding the pole could get shot, and that would be the end of the climber too. But it is pretty quick so maybe that isn’t an issue.


Looked like there was always a guy ready to provide cover fire.


No, this is physically impossible! It has to be photoshopped, like that rainbow unicorn cat thing!


As this one guy, Dan, used to say:

“You know, if we had some ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had some eggs.”


Maybe a rope.


…or pull the pole up with you, use it to slide down.

lower the pole down, let other guy climb up, then push him off where he can break your jump later

or a rope works.


Oh, it’s coming.



Ace and Gary!


That’s odd - the phrase “You know, if we had some bananas, we could have bananas and ice cream, if we had some ice cream” was a running joke among my friends after one of them (Frank) said it completely seriously.

Did we go to high school together?