How to: Sex your crocodile


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regarding cloacas…

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A: Very, very carefully.

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Also, this

Or, B: On your way through the orifice on said diagram…

Whoa baby, easy with the teeth!

Sperm Groove. Wasn’t that a major competitor of Soul Train, back in the day?

What a relief to finally get this all sorted out! Next time I’m around one I’ll look closely to know for sure. The renowned Sea Turtle Expert Archie Carr had this to say about Crocodilians “The larger crocodilians are perversely unable to appreciate the special nature of man and consequently eat him from time to time”, something else to keep in mind when observing these creatures.

Archie Carr 1940

Imagine my dismay when I discovered this post was not about how to do the popular 80’s dance craze, the “Sex Your Crocodile”.

If you try to turn a male crocodile upside down to look at its parts, he will bite you.

If you try to turn a female crocodile upside down to look at its parts, she will bite you.

So check the pronoun of the croc that bites you, and you’ve got your answer.

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