How to summon deer


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Never let those deer get too comfortable. You may find yourself in an absurdist comedy.


They come running up to you anyway, whether you have a horn or not. They can get very unfriendly, pushing you around and starting to eat your cloting and stuff… better bring some “esa” (deer cookies) to feed them and flee while they’re distracted :wink:

Huge Nichijou fan!

I want to know what would happen if those deer crossed paths with the duck summoning man from last month?

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Doesn’t this only work if you have enough ranks in Ranger or Druid?


I had once toyed with the idea of getting a dinner bell to summon my kids home when they wandered the neighborhood. Then I realized that I’d have more kids respond than I was able to feed.

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Nara deer ate my pants. Seriously, don’t let them too close or comfortable.

And if you are wondering, my first phrase is no metaphor or obscure reference, it’s literal, one of those fuckshits tore a hole in my crotch.


Yep, a couple tried to eat my pockets when I was there many years ago.

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Yeah, I went to Nara awhile back. Those deer aren’t shy at all. Bit a hole in my jeans.

These guys are an invasive species in Ireland, get your head around that!!!

How to summon deer ---- for lazy deer hunters.

They need to do this with Key Deer down near key west. they sound adorable, would love to see them come en mas.

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