How to tell if a mirror is one-way glass

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Snopes, dude.


If you have to find out, you’ve already failed.

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Snopes has the best answer.

The article is correct inasmuch as nobody is going to use a glass first-surface mirror in an ordinary application, but ignores stainless steel “unbreakable” (aka vandal-resistant ) mirror products that are inherently first surface, but definitely 1-way.

Why would anybody even bother with a 2-way mirror when mini surveillance cameras are cheaper?


Another sure-fire test: if you’re in a laboratory, and somebody places on the table before you a doll, a length of twine, and a stopped clock, and one wall is one enormous mirror, there’s a good chance you’re being observed.


This article reminds me of a time a went to a restaurant attached to an art gallery. The restrooms were in the art gallery itself, and in the men’s room, above the urinal trough was a two way mirror looking out into the hallway. The feeling of watching people walk right by was…odd


We have a first surface mirror in our house. I have turned it around to face the wall so as to avoid any government snoops and preverts.


I was at a restaurant once where they had the same setup, only the two way mirror above the urinals was actually looking into the ladies´ washroom, where the sink was. It was pretty messed up.

If you hear giggling and shushing, put your pants back on and leave the room.


We actually have a huge one in the conference room where we eat lunch. Of course, we are a psychological research firm and we use that room for observational studies and suchlike.

In my building floor plan that shows who/what is in each room/office, that one is labelled as Captain Creeper.

Were you just arrested? It’s two way glass.


Those steel jail mirrors are unmistakable for anything else though. They’re always dented and otherwise fucked up in ways that glass can’t be.

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