DIY smart bathroom mirror


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I like this, very, very much.
And I’ve got a Raspberry Pi Zero. And some spare LCD monitors.

Project time!


…mirror mirror on the wall…

The story would probably very different if the backend had been Google image search.


This is a great alternative to a selfie stick for all those lovely duckface bathroom selfies the kids take these days. Unfortunately, it just won’t give you the fashionable dutch angle.


I’d pay big money for one of these that would draw some hair on my mirrored pate.




“Gary Busey”

Wow, that was kinda weird, he doesn’t usually like that stuff…


Interesting. I get an NPR article, a YouTube clip, a link to a study on the subjectivity of attractiveness, some homemade crafts on Etsy… over 1.5 million results in total. That Huntsman is gonna be busy.


I read though this article earlier, but didn’t catch the specific tech used for the display - does anyone know what is being used? LCD behind glass won’t yield a continuous mirrored surface, which appears to be the case.


He says it’s behind a one way mirror. I assume everything is black except the things that are supposed to be displayed. The areas that are black are mirrored, the areas where there is light shine through the mirror.


Awesome, thanks - I didn’t catch that part but now that you’ve said it - sounds obvious. Like all great things it seems. :slightly_smiling:


Have you considered one of these?


I tried that, but my wife spent $12,000 at the beauty parlor trying to fix her hair.


So much individualized technology leading us all to a world of even more sociopaths…


Voice activated to Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary,Bloody Mary!


Isn’t that what John Travolta uses?


My god, that picture makes it look like most of his face is built out of silly putty.



I just saw something like this on Ikeahackers that used an old android tablet


This is fantastic stuff. Personally, I would replace the headlines with transit status and number of bikes available at the local bike share dock (and Google with Python.)

Props to this guy.