People keep walking into the glass walls at the new Apple campus


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Just put dollar-sign icons on them; then they can be paywalls!


We have mirrors in the corners of the hallways leading to the stairwell/restrooms in my office. They are at a 45 degree angle to both perpendicular halls to allow you to see people coming the other way. Of course, this also means that you suddenly see yourself coming in at a 90 degree angle when you get close to the corner. The 6’1" man coming at me from out of the darkness (I come in early in the morning, before all the lights are switched on.) scared the shit out of me a couple times on my way to the WC. After this happened a couple times, they put stripes of stickers on the mirrors to prevent it.


Should have seen that coming.


Yeah, screw that. Buildings are made for people to use, to live and work in. Design is a means to the end, and the architects who get this backwards should be drummed out of the profession.


A company I worked at moved offices into a brand-new, very-glassy office. People had expressed some concern about the large, un-frosted/un-etched glass doors into the office and conference rooms, but no action was taken.

The next day, the office president walked smack into the office door and injured himself pretty severely. Within an hour, blue masking tape was up on every glass door, and stayed there until etching was added.


Perfect metaphor for Apple these days.


The users are simply using it wrong!


Forget the humans, are tons of birds crashing into the building? I know that the city of SF has guidelines for glass to reduce bird death, but I wonder about Cupertino?


Trouble with invisible glass walls? Instead of a Post-it, try marking that glass with a bloody noseprint! It doesn’t cost a dime!


A post it note is much cheaper than a worker’s comp claim. All they need is one claim, and watch how fast they frost the glass.


White board markers.


Post-it notes will soon be replaced by the $199 iSmudge


“It probably won a prize.” – Don Norman, on the subject of unlivable architecture.


They are holding it wrong.


No. No. No. This is Apple. Design is everything. Functionality is at the bottom of Apple’s list.


Just etch brites on the glass, so it’ll look like a cartoon mirror or pane of glass.

(A tip of the Hatlo Hat to Mr. Mort Walker and his lexicon.)


Form fights function.


breaking news: clean glass is hard to see.


In my days working at the University of Houston, I watched people leave the arm of the paper cutter up all the time. This was a yard-long hunk of ancient steel and the spring holding it up frequently didn’t. It was an accident waiting to happen. Signs didn’t work.

I finally got better results (still not perfect) with a sign that I taped where it looked like it had just been cut, with red fake blood on drawn it with felt-tip.

Good signage is important.