How to train your cat to roll over on request

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My cat trained me to wake up at wee hours to feed her…



aint nobody got time for that GIF


Teaching a cat to do tricks isn’t difficult when they are addicted to treats*. :smiling_imp: :smile_cat:

* I don’t know what they put in Greenies, but it works!


Our cat Linc has me very well trained. He sleeps on whichever surface he chooses for however long he needs, and then sits at my feet and meows once to be let outside to do his cat business, which is mainly killing tiny, adorable animals and leaving them on the welcome mat. I can also roll over, and play dead.

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Treats - and a crapton of patience - got both of our cats to let me clip their claws. I take their clippers and treat container into our smallest bathroom, and they follow me to the door and wait their turn. They get a small handful of “special” treats, and then I get to clip away. Sometimes they say “that’s enough” and pull back, so I give them a break for a minute and ease back into it.

Hm… Guess I’m not living up to my monicker


That’s the thing. The favorite cat I ever had was not at all food motivated, so training like this wasn’t really an option.
She seemed to understand a lot, though, and enjoyed a challenge. We got some pretty cool acrobatics down. Not that she would ever deign to perform “on command,” dear me! At least not if anyone else was watching. The indignity! :joy:


Our little tailless wonder flops on her side nearly on command, we just have to say “cute kitty” in just the right tone. This is something she decided to do, we didn’t attempt to train her. Turns out she really likes belly scritches.


stephen colbert cat GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

(This is Colbert, btw)


“You’ll need a cat that knows how to sit, lie down and stay.”

Oh well, not a thing Yoyo here is ever going to learn to do.


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