How to transport a long section of pipe like an ass




Could he get any crazier?
Sir, you hit those people’s cars!
Hey, neighbor!
Hey, you just barely smacked those other people’s cars!
Sir, you’re crazy!
You hit all those cars back there!

I hit them did I?

Yes, you hit all those cars back there!


I wonder where this drama takes place?


I didn’t know the Three Stooges were still making shorts.


Christ, what a gentleman.


This would be great in black and white with a lively piano accompaniment.


kinda sounds like brazilian portuguese to me, but not 100% sure.



I don’t see any other way to get a pipe like that home.
What else was he supposed to do?


Lash it to the roof longways and make sure to tie a flag on the end so other drivers see that it protrudes.


**How to transport a long section of pipe like an ass. **


I forgot my sarcasm tag.


That’s a relief.




100% Brazilian…


He would only need to open the trunk and slide the tube all the way to the passenger seat… A bit would stick out, but still…

On the other hand, we wouldn’t be amused today. Well done, granpa.



Surely, to transport a pipe like a Boss, you high a trucker to bring it in on a low-loader, with Cletus and Rosco P. Coltraine escorting it in their police cars.

Yet somehow those Duke boys will manage to divert it and the oil pipeline won;t go through Hazzard after all.


You yank his license.