How to turn a broken dishwasher into a synthesizer

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Now I know this is a crazy question, but does it wash dishes?

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Aqua, Detergent, Suds, Rinse. It’s your standard synth ADSR, but sometimes the waves get a bit bigger than what you’d like in your average dishwashing cycle.


That’s too House for me, I need my beats to be low and slow.


Ah - the slow cycle dashes wish.

…and if the water’s not getting in everywhere, try a wave folder.

(Seriously, I don’t just come here for synth puns, despite how it looks.)


Of course, you may need to add dishwasher salt, too.


I’ve done the “sell parts off a broken one” thing a few times with success, but for some reason never thought to do it with appliances! I’ll keep it in mind once my 18 year old washer finally kicks the bucket.


I’d never heard of Salt before, @anothernewbbaccount !

Forgive this one: Don’t forget that you’re gonna need to wash a lot of Plaits.

Forks, too!


When I was 15 (1966), living in NJ near NYC, I stumbled upon The Cabal late one night and Bob Fass changed my life. He was the key innovator of “free form” radio. His eclectic musical tastes were a deep education. His freewheeling intellect and open minded curiosity and sense of humor invited listeners to feel welcome and identify with him and the community that he curated on his show.

Anyone who heard it will never forget the prank he played with Marshal Efron, who came on a show in the guise of unapologetic Southern right wing, hippie bashing cop, right after a terrible police riot Tompkins Square Park. Callers were outraged and even more so when the prank was revealed. Live radio theater. And of course the “debut” of Alice’s Restaurant and an endless stream of other “events” and amazing music.

I hope that his passing will raise awareness of one the greatest innovators in live radio.

Thanks Bob, you are missed!


Why are all of these still ep. 53?

Reminds me of the humblebrag bundle of tweets saying ‘Almost half done filling my basement with gasoline.’ [Shows flooded basement.]

Ease of access on sections. Each episode is broken up into four tracks.

Funny week for a gasoline joke, incidentally. With the hoarding in the southeast, I’m sure there are a couple basements that topped off!

Thanks so much for the memory and the anecdote, @partofthepuzzle! — Now I want to find a clip of that Efron appearance! Do you know of it online? (I’d never heard about that.)

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