How Tyrion could die


My suspicion about how the book and/or TV series will end: winter has taken over all of Westeros, or at least as far down as King’s Landing. The last of the main characters surviving on Westeros falls to the blades or the touch of the White Walkers. [Some previously killed characters may be present as Walkers themselves.] On TV, the scene fades or cuts from a scene of the Walkers not to black, as in the Sopranos, but to white, and then blood red letters spell out “In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.” Cut to the credits, perhaps with the normal ending theme replaced by the howling winds of a snowstorm. In the book, the last chapter contains only that phrase on a new page.

Martin doesn’t strike me as a “Happily Ever After” writer, but more as “Rocks [or snow] fall, everyone dies”.

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As I’ve said before, the show will end with a big reveal showing an ancient ruin revealing that Westeros is actually New Hampshire in a distant post-apocalyptic future.

Seriously BB use spoiler alerts.

I see the headline and think “Whoa! A Warhammer Fantasy Battles article on BB?”. Then it just turns into something about GoT. :frowning:


When the planet’s orbit shifts, New Hampshire will become Dorne (Live Free or Die becomes the Martell words “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”.) Winterfell is somewhere around Vancouver (would explain Ned Stark being so polite as to warn Cersei what he was going to do!) and Alaska is beyond the Wall. The Mason-Dixon line is the eastern end of where North America broke in two.

Yeah, I can kind of see that.

Does anybody know the details of the new arrangement? Will the show still roughly follow Martin’s long term plans or might they diverge widely?

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