How vinyl records are made (1956)


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I got to see the process first hand doing a factory tour of United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN. Fun stuff!


Much better copy at, where I uploaded the original film that someone crossposted to YouTube:

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Neat! Actually, I wonder if they have any archives? I bet they have some interesting history…

there’s a good montage of the process in the movie Rockers. it doesn’t go into as much depth, but the music is a lot better

Thanks! I appended your comment and link to the post.

Say, thanks!


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URP actually has major history. They still maintain what they call the “Motown Suite” over the offices. Back in the day when URP did the manufacturing for Motown Records and Black labels, no decent hotel would rent rooms to Black customers so URP built a nice guest suite for their VIP visitors.

United Record Pressing may not be the cheapest in the continental US, but I’ve had nothing but good experience with them as a customer for manufacturing for my label and those I work with.

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