How Wim Hof, "The Iceman," withstands such extreme temperatures

Thank you for that response. I’ll look into the differences.

This. In controlled situations where you know you can/will get out of the cold before death; this method is real.
You essentially will your body to continue supplying circulation/heat to your limbs; instead of it’s evolved behavior of protecting your core tempers.

If this was a survival situation, it would mean permanent limb damage would occur later, but fatal temperature loss would come sooner.

Pain is just a sensation, you can turn it off.

IKR? Easier said than done! I am able to do it naturally but damned if I could explain how. Meditation may help you to find the “switch”. I know that’s worked for others who couldn’t do it already.

I knew a guy who could hypnotize himself and not need to be put under at the dentist. But yeah, I live in chronic pain and would love to turn it off. Though if it requires me to meditate all the time, I don’t know how useful it would be. Maybe at night.

At risk of derailing the thread, (feel free to pm me in reply), what is the cause of the pain?

Neurofibromamitosis. Basically my body makes worthless tumors growing along nerve paths on my left leg. I am a literal mutant.

Holy carp, that’s some nasty stuff, and I don’t know if you could “turn it off”, or at least not the way I do it. (“New” pain manifests as a separate sensation, it would be like playing whack-a-mole for me.)

FWIW, I get numbed at the dentist because all the sensations are “new”, (whack-a-mole again), so there’s more than one way to approach the problem, and I know some people who have gone the meditation route do something a little different and “redirect” the sensations somehow into something else like pressure or temperature. HTH!

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