How would Emily Dickinson fare with online dating?


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This is especially impressive because the dating scene in Amherst is so terrible.


Well that’s easy - whatever she was putting in her profile was the ‘profile’ equivalent of ‘hi guys’ - i.e. it was boring. Someone who creates a fake Emily Dickinson profile and puts effort into it - is interesting - this is the kind of thing that instantly stands out from ‘everything else’ and is going to attract someone who is looking for that spark of weird… something an online dating profile will (usually) never show you - and requires actual dates to display … dates because the first date is always a heady mixture of ‘is this person a serial killer, do I want to sleep with them ever’ dance.


I’m not sure I’m her type but I’d love to at least have a cup of tea with Dickinson. I suspect the conversation would be fascinating.

That said, if you message a simulated Emily Dickinson profile and not send a message that’s a riff on one of her poems you are wasting everybody’s time.

(If you would not stop for Death, would you perhaps stop for me?/Dating is not an instant Act?)

I commend your use of dashes. :slight_smile:


Came to say this same thing.

I’m not sure what blog this was on, but i read advice that given the huge and diverse pool of people who might see your dating profile (this fepends on where you live, of course), the real goal should be to filter out false positives and find the small number of people who are just the right kind of weird to get you. And to do that, you put your own weirdness front and center.


From the article:

As soon as the profile went up, I was bombarded by emails. There were messages from men who thought it was funny and played along:
Hi, I’m Ezra Pound

Block him Emily. He’s alt-right.


Maybe people just want to date Emily Dickinson, though? Surely I’m not the only one?


Three words: Unsolicited Dickinson Pics.


Most people don’t admit these things - no judging here though get your kink on!


I wonder how a profile of Margaret Thatcher would fare.


Unfortunately, too well I fear.


Why not? She was a stone cold fox.


Well she is stone cold in fact, and that might be why…


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