Howard Stern for President?


I might have to run just to clean this f**king mess up

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I’m so sick of rich white dudes thinking that they are qualified to do an extremely complex job that no one can do well right out of the gate and thinking that “only they can fix” our problems. No, Howard, you dumb shit, you can’t fix our shit. What will fix our shit is us dealing with our fascist political party, and then looking to science and experts on various fields to help us craft some decent legislation to deal with our overlapping problems. A fucking talk show host with a history of misogyny isn’t in any position to “fix” our problems single-handedly, you arrogant dickwad.

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And all the people said “Amen!”


Stern really doesn’t want to be president just like he never wanted to be governor.

He wants to make large amounts of money by saying things that gets people worked up.

It’s working, he made the news and people are talking about him.

If you listen to him regularly you also know he’s fed up and frustrated with this whole pandemic much like all of us are. He’s venting much like all of us in this topic.


I feel this way about Mcconaughey teasing a run for governor. He might not even be bad at it. And Governor is a better place to start a political career than President.

But even if he was potentially the best choice I’m still sick of famous guys who are like “well I’m popular in mass media so surely I can govern better than anyone else… those things are the same!”


You’ve clearly learned nothing since 2016…

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He can fuck off, too.


And clearly you don’t listen to Howard.

He has zero interest in working more than 3 days a week and his latest contract gives him the entire summer off.

He’s angry at everyone over this pandemic. He’s venting about everything.

What was I supposed to learn in 2016? That an unqualified rich guy could start a cult and convince a large proportion of voters to vote for him?

Or that democrats couldn’t beat an unqualified rich guy?

But I was commenting on your Stern comment. I am a listener and I am positive he will not run for anything.


Then he needs to STFU. Mcconaughey needs to STFU. It’s beyond tedious for a bunch of privileged white dudes to keep acting like they can solve our problems, when they are the group that got us where we are today… FFS.


That’s a feature, not a bug.


Even if we don’t regularly listen, I think most of us are probably familiar enough with him and his shtick at this point. He’s been high profile in the culture for decades now, and has enough of a high profile to get interviewed by Terry Gross not too long ago…


Anyone who can throw a TiVo and block an rpg from hurting his actor friends is an American hero. Just think of what he could do to Putin with a Roku player.

Still couldn’t make a Lincoln Aviator cool.


Some books really are all cover. Apologies to the folk wisdom.


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That right there was some brand new folk wisdom anyway.


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Sorry, but he would be awful. Spouting common sense platitudes is not a substitute for the ability to govern and lead.


Scarily enough, it still makes him more qualified than the current governer…


I’m not being a cheerleader for Stern, I do find him entertaining when he’s not doing fart humor, he’s also a great interviewer. His interview with Hillary was really good

So rich white guys aren’t allowed to be angry with the on going handling of the pandemic?

I think everyone of us has screamed at the TV or the news or the president that, hell, even we could do a better job, we all know it ain’t that easy but we don’t have a platform as big as the Stern’s of this world.

Let him vent it might help, it certainly helps those of us that are just as fed up as he is but nobody hears me when I scream.

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I could do a better job, because the first step would be to realize I’m in way in over my head and turn things over to experts instead. Since celebrities arrogantly thinking they were more capable than that have made this such a mess, maybe you can understand people here venting about a celebrity talking as if he were more capable than that.


What celebrity has had any authority over the pandemic besides the reality tv actor that managed to win?

I do not want celebrities in charge of things like a pandemic or a country either.

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