Howard Stern for President?

No one said that. He doesn’t need to be thinking he can solve shit. We just lived through a TV celebrity fucking up the country, we don’t need a radio celebrity who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else doing it, too.


I believe that the last time Stern ran for office, it was for governor of New York, on the single issue of bringing back the death penalty. Fuck Howard Stern.



This is the coronavirus thread.
Anybody who whishes to discuss the ability of celebrities in general to head an administration or Howard Stern’s ability to do this in particular - feel free to start a separate topic to do just that.


Howard Stern has gotten to vent. To a much bigger platform of people who actually listen even than here. Soo

Why can’t Mindy vent about Stern on a message board too then where a few people can see? Double standard much?


Well, I don’t have a radio show, tho… so… :woman_shrugging:

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I never said that, my point was everyone is fed up with this pandemic.


Well that’s no lie!


That’s easily fixed! :wink:


Low bar.

Pretty sure no one here wants Stern to be or run for president.

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One side is overt fascists intent on destroying the country fast, but they’re good at politics.

The other side is mealy mouthed milquetoasts intent on destroying the country slowly, but they suck at politics.

There are no other sides, unless you’re a spoiled little millennial who doesn’t know how the world really works.

I’m not saying I agree with Howard Stern running for president, but it’s not the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

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But yet, some republicans could probably squeeze underneath :frowning:

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I like Dave Grohl’s music. A lot. But if I was about to board a commercial airline flight, and he showed up as the pilot, I would not board that plane.

Celebrities aren’t qualified to govern, just like they aren’t qualified to fly a 747 or perform cardiac surgery. We shouldn’t even give them the time of day when it comes to political aspirations.


Yeah, you’d want this guy:


That is exactly what I was thinking about this other guy in 2016. Get out of my brain! Or use the latest revision if you’re gonna stay! :slight_smile:


It’s OK he can delegate everything to his son-in-law who runs a hedge fund


Not that i said i would.

But given a choice between Dave Grohl, a terrorist who will crash the plane, and someone who will sit on the tarmac for hours and then turn the plane over to the terrorists, I would drive instead.

And I don’t care how many people tell me that driving is for stupid millennials who don’t know how the world really works.


No, you need the other one…

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That’s not really the choice, though. It’s a choice between experienced, licensed commercial pilots and your list of rock stars, terrorists, and enablers.

Then find me a licensed commercial pilot.

Not terrorist enablers like Mayo Pete, Kamala, or Uncle Joe.