Howard Stern won't release Trump tapes


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Oh come on. It’s not like we’re talking attorney/client privilege here- the conversations were ALWAYS intended for public broadcast.


His decision. And I kind of appreciate it. It’s not like we don’t all know who Trump is at this point.


Really? So now the guy has principles?


This US election cycle is just fucking surreal. This is like some tired moral dilemma from a parallel universe.

“You are on a life boat with Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and the entire free world. Who do you choose to fuck over with your treasure trove of sex assault chit chat recordings?”


If I understand it correctly, these tapes are already public and available online, it’s not like he is holding any material back.

What I think Stern is saying is that he could replay them all back on his as people are interested, but won’t. As replaying them back to the public would almost be several hours advertisement against Trump, as it would be showing how sleazy he is.


Whether or not he has principles is beside the point. He’s probably the best interviewer of celebrities in existence, and part of his technique is to get people to trust him. Violating their trust for no good reason doesn’t exactly do him (or anyone else, in this case) any favors.


That’s, at best, subjective.


Does it matter either way at this point?


Zero. The gentleman is within his rights and the tapes are already out there, so at this point the argument is over how much we should admire Howard Stern.


Not really. Step out of the partisan mindset. Dude had an excellent point.

This resonates with me professionaly. I work with people doing shady stuff all the time. People need to trust me. So I don’t talk to cops without a warrant or subpoena.


I get it. And I understand he’s right. But that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.


Ha. That comic describes a goodly percentage of my half of conversations.

Edit: Sorry for ninja edit. I need to stop that. Also no snark was intended. In fact: further ninja edit incoming to redact potential snark.


Here’s the original, for posterity


That was just genius in ways that I am unable to even fully comprehend.


It’s a good comic and the artist doesn’t get nearly the credit they deserve. If you browse Imgur a lot, you’ll see it as a common reaction image in the comments all the time, and it takes some work to get back to the original artist’s website. So I like to include the credit.


I dunno, I feel that Terry Gross could out-interview him whenever.

That said, it makes perfect sense to me that Howard is keeping his parts private. Though I’d prefer he didn’t.


Chris Hardwick does a good job interviewing celebrities too. I think I’ve only heard him crack once, and that was with Harrison Ford, who Hardwick really idolizes, and who also gave Hardwick absolutely nothing to work with because he wasn’t high and was grumpy.


I think you’re misunderstanding or misrepresenting this situation Boing Boing.

The audio is out there - we’ve heard some of it already.
It seems Stern is merely saying he’s not going to be replaying it as some ‘release’ his show.
As he states in the linked article, all the Stern/Trump stuff was released as broadcast - none of it was unreleased behind-the- scene takes like the Billy Bush bus thing or potential off-camera stuff from The Apprentice.
– So ‘we’ have already heard it. Just because Stern won’t be replaying it in some specific manner doesn’t mean nobody else has it or can find it - because, again, it all was previously broadcast out to the world.


I think you’re misunderstanding or misrepresenting this situation Boing Boing.

Quite. There’s a fair difference between BB’s headline use of “release” and the reality of “replay”. Basically the BB headline feels like click bait.