Archive of Howard Stern's Trump interviews offline after DMCA takedown

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But since the show is a publicly broadcast show, aren’t those a matter of public record?




Won’t that stuff be in Cheeto-fingers presidential archive right next to “Billy Bush Weekend” and all of his Twitter wars?
I’m so proud to be a USian, really, it’s not embarrassing at all. Everyone should try it.

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Something is missing here: what on earth has FedEx got to do with it, and how do they have standing to file the takedown? If the company was mentioned in passing, then that’s an abuse, but even if no one wanted to fight that case they could just bleep it out. Are Fed Ex in the middle of lobbying the White House for something that would help them, like defunding the USPS? It doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

But not anymore: the unofficial archive’s been taken offline after a DMCA takedown notice came by FedEx.

It appears that FedEx was the carrier of choice for SiriusXM’s DMCA takedown letter.


Not really how copyright law works. There is a decent fair use argument since only relevant excerpts of the Trump interviews were posted. But there is no commentary or analysis, which cuts against fair use.


Put 'em up on Bittorrent, and wish them the best of luck.


Dark web…or

Psh. Dark web. No need, and the mirror would be crazy slow. Also must we call it, “The Dark Web” when it has a real name which is much shorter? “Tor”. See? Easy. Less sexy sounding of course. I think would be subject to similar DMCA takedowns. I see no reason they are in any way exempt.

The weird thing about this is that I don’t think Sirius XM has a leg to stand on for any recordings they didn’t broadcast.


I’ve learned that at this stage in marketing game, all you can do is Swiffer away the psychic damage with a Kleenex and put a Band-aid on it.

SiriusXM purchased the rights to all Stern’s OTA broadcasts from Infinity/CBS shortly after Stern jumped from terrestrial to satellite:

If ever there was a US government that yearned for Orwell’s “Memory hole” and “Ministry of Truth” to keep history “updated and corrected”, it is the current one.

Nixon was a child playing in the sandbox compared to the Trumpster.

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They were publicly broadcasted, but via a private corporation.


true. Was thinking since they were not being distributed for a profit though retaining portions of the broadcast would be allowable.

Aight. Onion url.

Someone should reach out to them, and at least suggest they upload to BT/TOR/Whatever. If not obtain the files and do it themselves.

I would, but I got a lot going on today and this weekend.

Another great option is foreign hosted media sites, like the kind that Kodi plugins stream from. If Hollywood can’t squash those…

The question is, who holds copyright? I would expect Stern does, or his corporate masters.Is it possible Trump holds some kind of joint copyright? Is there such a thing?

But here’s the real question: Who sent the FedEx?

  • Stern’s company?
  • The Administration?
  • The company, under pressure from the administration?
  • Stephen Miller?

Any transcriptions anywhere?

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