Howto make Zombie Mouth cupcakes


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I think I would flee the room!


I prefer using marzipan for that kind of sculptural work on desserts - it sculpts similarly and it actually tastes good as a topping for chocolate, vanilla, almond and various fruit-flavored cakes. Given that these are individually hand-sculpted, I’d also be tempted to make an original, make a mold, and cast some sort of white frosting in the mold (chilling it for removal), and painting it with food coloring. On the other hand, although fondant sculptures make for cakes that you wouldn’t want to eat, I’m not sure you’d want to eat these no matter how delicious they actually were…


I hate fondant. Never use it when I make cupcakes. That saying, those cupcakes look awesome.


Certainly looks like a dentata of some sort…


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