Huge bloodspatter car decal great for making sure you get pulled over


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Bit of overkill.

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The real trick is to use the decals to cover the real blood or to make bullet holes blend in with stickers.


Perhaps having such decals is legal, but i can’t imagine why such a thing would be. It causes officers to waste time pulling over the car, it alarms citizens to worry that a crime or accident has occurred, could cause emergency operators to tie up valuable time in taking calls about a car with blood on it, etc, etc. So to me it seems like a liability on several fronts and do not think its either reasonable nor responsible to have a decal like this and should not be allowed on the road.


I guess it’s one of those cases where nobody thought anyone would be stupid enough to make a law necessary. I’m still surprised, though, from what I hear German guidelines as to car safety and such are generally very strict.


There very well may be laws making such things prohibited, but seeing that the driver last let go i do wonder.


why is this funny?!?


Sometimes free expression can be inconvienient.


Perhaps, but there are instances where it can be restricted. Like using expressions that can cause a panic, which in this case is exactly what is going on.


It’s so your friend’s car, which is the one with all the dead bodies in it, gets to the dump site without being pulled over.


Clearly we need to attach a rider making blood spatter decals illegal on the pending constitutional amendment making it illegal not to stand for the National Anthem.

Nobody should ever have the freedom to do stuff that might cause someone else to hyperventilate or overreact. This is just a simple natural law - after all, we’ve already decided cops should be able to kill people without consequences as long as it can be shown that the victim was in some way scary or upsetting to some person. Anything that scares someone somewhere should be punished harshly!

Ow, I think I sprained my sarcasm bones. Did we chase all the Libertarians out already?


I’m with you. This kind of self-expression isn’t that much of a problem, and freedom is important too.

In this case, of overriding (get it?) importance.


anyone notice the effect in ‘the jackal’ where the paint changes color and the handle is painted with a noxus substance


This thing could go under “Vortäuschen einer Straftat” -> Faking a crime. Its up to the police though to decide that.


Well, that’s an original way of being an attention whore, I guess.

As a person of color, I’m already more likely to get pulled over just for DWB, so I don’t need any ‘assistance’ in that regard.


Officers probably think that colored people are armed with magical powers. Muggles trying to keep us down. /s



Maybe that’s where the trite Magical Negro trope comes from…


I’d love to be purple. And sorry for the poor wording, wish i could excuse my back pain today and being rained on hard and being miserable at work but i should know better. Usually pretty fastidious over my posts.

And must be. I’ve heard of the trope, i’d like to think that there’s real black wizards out there fighting the good fight.


Sorry; couldn’t help it.


No harm, no foul.

Love that Jesse Williams quote.


Yeah i looked up the full speech earlier actually, which is why i even brought up the magic thing to begin with.