Huge grouper fish gobbles four-foot shark in single bite




Stupid video technology, taking all the speculation and inflation out of fish stories.

(Although this one was pretty cool :smile:)


Cool vid. :smiley:
We get giant Queensland Groupers round some of the dive-sites near here. Amazing fish.


Pix please!


Well… I should point you at other people’s pics because I am probably the worst underwater 'tog ever. I have a huge collection of blurry, murky pics of fish-arses. And I like rust. Couple that with the fact that 90% of the time I’m so into the dive I completely forget that I’m carrying a camera. The other 10% it acts as a wildlife deterrent so excuses made…

It was a bloody good dive, though.


Were they really trying to reel the shark in or just waiting for the grouper to eat it?



@SmashMartian jealous

@7etoatreides fishing for sharks, or fishing with sharks?


Taken on an artificial reef in the Coral Sea. Full of interesting rusty old crap to explore.
That’s a small-medium sized QLD grouper, maybe ~ 1m -1.5m length. The hatch is a double-wide hold access doorway., so perhaps 2.5m height for scale. Viz was piss-poor that day, too. Surge kicking up a lot of particulates and plenty of micro-life clouding things out.

Some of the big groupers will go 3m in length and resemble VW Beetles. First time I spotted one of them, I nearly swallowed my reg. :smiley:


We’re going to need a bigger shark.


I have amended the prior request.

Pretty awesome, smash.


Thanks. :slight_smile: We’re very lucky here. There’s a great combination of offshore temperate and tropical currents mixing in the South Coral Sea, so we get the best of both worlds.


That is bitchin’! Thanks.

Someday I intend to make it you your part of the world and dive, and find a nice fish like that. And I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him.


I don’t dive, but I snorkel whenever possible… I still can recall the time that I rounded a large boulder and came face to face with a ‘large’ grouper (only about 1 meter). It was like a cartoon - we just stared at each other for a few seconds and simultaneously turned around and took off in opposite directions.


I guess it’s better to be the grouper than the groupee.


And that´s why I don´t swim in the open sea.


Shame it didn’t gobble up the idiots in the boat.


It just takes it to a different level. “You should have seen the fish I almost got video of (but my darn SD card was full.)”


Male human tries to barbarously kill animal for fun. Why is this even allowed?


Hopefully, because it’s food. Also the least damaging way to obtain fish from the sea, unless you’d prefer a trawler.


Stuff like this makes me glad I live over a mile above sea level.