Florida man catches 400-pound Goliath Grouper fish with a wrench


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A wrench? Meh. Use your bare hands, like a real man!


I wonder if he ever catches the big ones?


My grandpa always used to tell me, “you catch more fish with wrenches than with screwdrivers.”

Or something like that… I wasn’t really listening.



It sounds like a “fish story” to me.


A number 11 wrench? What is he talking about? 11 mm or 11/16" or 11/32"? Whitworth?


Nice squared.


With Florida in the headline, I had expected that he clubbed the fish with a wrench.


Is this the right thing for this thread?


Honest question from a city bumpkin: what do you do once you’ve caught a fish that large? Is there an easily-found collection of middlemen to take it off your hands and get pieces of it into stores or restaurants?

I’m presuming that Florida Man doesn’t fish professionally, but if he does, then recast my question as “What should I do if I land a fish too large for personal consumption?”


Hate to be all un4/20 buzzkill but Florida Man done took one of the rare ones:

The large size, slow growth, low reproductive rate, and spawning behavior have made the goliath grouper especially susceptible to overfishing. The goliath grouper is totally protected from harvest and is recognized as a “Critically Endangered” species by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Furthermore, the IUCN concludes that the species has been “observed, estimated, inferred or suspected” of a reduction of at least 80% over the last 10 years or three generations…In U.S. waters, take of this species has been prohibited since 1990, and the species has been protected in the Caribbean since 1993.

Way to represent the maker spirit tho, Florida Man.


Those fish are easy to catch, because many of them have become accustomed to being fed by divers. it is not any sort of sporting challenge to catch a creature that has become essentially domesticated.


My assumption is the fish was released to go about it’s fishy business. Taking of a protected species results in some big fines and loss of your license or even jail time if you get caught.

The news clip doesn’t say that it was released but the fact that he jumped in the water and removed a couple of old hooks sure indicates that’s what he did.

Edit: yep, he released it.

Ryan jumped into the water to get a picture with the giant. He took out a
few hooks that had been left in the grouper’s mouth from other
fishermen. He then removed his wrench and received a decent cut to his
finger from the catch as he was releasing it.


when fishing for the floating state of Florida, the smart angler crafts his lure out of bathsalts


Sure looks like he has mastered the mechanics of the sport. (rimshot)

And it’s not only illegal to keep goliath grouper, you can’t even remove them from the water.


Is this the first Florida man story on BB that didn’t involve drugs, nudity, and/or violence?


I came looking for some hot Ren-Faire-meets-Florida-Man action. But alas, he used a wrench, not a wench.


What are you supposed to use to adjust your guitar amp volume, then?


Sure the Goliath grouper is overfished, but to be fair, it’s underwrenched.