Huge Pew poll puts Biden ahead by double digits and it's the best news Trump's had in days

This. This so much.

For me, it’s not keep it at full throttle. It can’t be, that level of effort just isn’t sustainable and this must be a long term sustained fight. Structural change is required and, frankly, an obliteration of some structures that allow for too much leeway and the tyranny of a minority population.


We live in a country that thinks that wearing a flag pin in your lapel is a sure sign of your true patriotism, and conversely that the absence of a flag pin is a sure sign that you can’t be trusted and might be a communist.

Total nonsense rules.


Keep voting that way in every downticket race. Progressive ideas will bubble up from the bottom and become more palatable and actionable further up-ticket.


This article shows a total misunderstanding of polls over time. Biden has had a large steady lead for a long time… and you’re comparing it to a 1-day bump Hillary got from the Access Hollywood tape.

It shows a total misunderstanding of how to campaign. Biden doesn’t need to win progressive votes. He needs to win people on the fence, or that supported Trump in 2016. Going full Bernie is not going to flip those voters.

Maybe you get more clicks if you try and sell “the race is still close” nonsense. But this is not based in reality.


Being a fly on the wall among Trumpists, I hear a lot of very motivated talk regarding this. I kinda wish we wouldn’t advertise how far ahead Biden is so much. I would much rather Biden folks be motivated, and Trump folks just assuming he will win and not bothering to vote.


Something like 6 million people have already voted. And they’re overwhelmingly Democrats. You can’t suppress people that have already voted Donnie.

Get out and vote now!

“ In states that report voter registration data by party, 1.2 million Democrats have returned mail-in ballots compared with just over 505,000”


Biden’s campaign promise in the primaries was that he’d work with republicans, and that with trump gone they would be eager to work together with him. Don’t fool yourself.


But who’s counting them? That’s what keeps me up at night.


He can try to work with them on our terms when they’re out of power. Then just go ahead and govern - like the affordable care act vote.


I am here. Go put in to help where you are.


You can bet anything “overwhelmingly” will be painted by Trumpists as being “rigged”. Which means the more the country hates him, the more unbelievable it is that he lost.


And some how the progressives are the ones constantly blamed for Clinton’s loss… and are being pre-emptively blamed in case biden loses this time.

As for fence sitters, Ken Bone sided with Trump, claiming because Dems were mean to him personally, while trumpers were nice. Good thing that’s the demographic Biden is aiming for while he throws progressives under the bus.


The fact that according to polls Trump still takes quite a few states shows you just how partisan the US has become. Reagan, Nixon, Johnson and FDR won huge numbers of states that are now solidly for one party.

[ETA: I’m not sure even a southern Democrat could win in the deep south anymore, like Carter or Clinton did.]


They’re going to whine - I don’t give a crap - because they’re going to lose.

We need to stop feeling disempowered and start making them worry.


… that’s an engine backfire, and not something you’d want.


Ken Bone? Why are we wasting energy talking about one voter? Who was a prima dona who was always going to vote for Trump and was an attention whore?

Biden needs to make his case to all voters and ask them to vote for him. But progressives are part of the Dem base - Biden’s outreach to Dems should be outreach to all Dems.

Which I think you can see reflected in his recent speech - in people he brought into his campaign after the primary and in the forcefulness of progressive leaders in their support for him as compared to other elections. The platform has also moved decidedly leftward from previous Biden positions - and from previous party platforms.



This is exactly the same reassurance we had in 2016…and you know the rest.
Don’t back down.


While you are not wrong about his response, the more overwhelming the victory the tougher it is for him and his cabal to mount a realistic challenge. Voting is key to everything right now.


Agreed. I just expect within the next day or so the response to this early Dem voting to be “Just look! Look how they are stuffing the ballots already! Does anyone believe that many Democrats have already voted?!?!”

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And our response should be- just look! Look how badly Trump is loosing!

Even his people won’t vote for him anymore! He’s a loser!