Hulu is rebooting Animaniacs!


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This makes us very happy. Too bad about Freakazoid, though.


Hello Nurse!


I am more interested that if this does well if they’ll eventually get around to bringing back Freakazoid. The humor for that show is syncs perfectly with today’s internet shitposting culture.

Also as an aside but kind of related, i would not be against bringing back The Critic in some shape or form.




I think I might be in love with you for both of those comments.

And yeah, both shows were WAY ahead of their time.


Speaking of which, we need a reminder of this yearly.


Well - guess I will be getting Hulu now…

Wakko and Yakko will be at the big local con in Feb. Though I already got all 3 of their autographs. Mom found it at a garage sale!


My wife got into one of those home sales gigs, selling bags. It became a running gag among our friends, “buy my bag, buy my bag”. We went out of town and our friends were watching our cats and drew a 4 foot tall version of that image with “washable” chalkboard marker on our kitchen chalk wall. It wouldn’t wash off by the time we got home, so I get to see Jay Sherman every time I come down the stairs for breakfast.



I would not even be mad if someone did that to me. Worth it.




Nice to see experienced producers onboard for this, but the truly important names are Robert Paulsen (Yakko, Pinky), Jess Harnell (Wakko), Tress MacNeill (Dot), and Maurice LaMarche (the Brain). They’re all still alive and active…please please please please!



Well here’s the thing, the Critic was already rebooted:


And there was also an animated Space Balls. Doesn’t mean i’m not going to want a proper follow up



Maybe…oh plzzzz plzzzzzz… Ren & Stempy?!? If remaking brilliant cartoons from the past 30 years trends, then that’s gotta be a Top Fiver


What’s Animaniacs?