Spielberg is contemplating an Animaniacs reboot


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There’s no way they could remake that show today.

It was way too subtle with its double entendres and pad puns



Aw man - don’t play with my emotions…

I still have two vintage shirts I wear.


Okay, we’re past the dark and gritty reboot stage. Are we past the irreverently random stage that birthed the new Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans GO? I’m afraid of what we’ll get.


I am 100% for more Animaniacs if given to the proper creative team, and there’s a few showrunners out there for existing animated shows that could easily run with a reboot. Also i would love Freakazoid to come back too. I’d kind of like to see The Critic to come back too but i have a hunch that the show’s humor would get lost among Family Guy and similar shows.


Did he mispronounce Lesotho? I think he did, but I listened to the whole song nine times and I’m not sure.

Anybody want to check? I’m not sure of the minute mark, just enjoy the whole song a few times.


“Hellllloooooooo, NURSE!”


I am wearily optimistic.




Sorry, but I strongly disagree…

Slappy: Hey, Skippy. What’s all this stuff about Trump I keep seeing on TV? He’s got some new show?
Skippy: He’s president now, aunt Slappy.
Slappy: That’s not funny, Skippy. Now seriously…


He left out South Africa :frowning:


Another WB show I miss is “Histeria”. It was freaking hilarious. I was especially fond of their constant portrayal of Genghis Kahn with a John Wayne accent, a la “The Conqueror” xD .


Like “Animaniacs”, no, it wasn’t all singing, but clips are scarce ^^’ . It was more directly educational than “Animaniacs” but was often damn funny, nonetheless. Their take on history was also surprisingly balanced for an American show.



I’m not sure where you stand on this, but I will defend Teen Titans GO.



Beethoven: I AM A PIANIST!
Dot: Hey, you can’t say that on TV!

Subtlest show ever made.



I didn’t just imagine Histeria after eating that bad sushi?

Srsly these shows were great. I was a grown-up, working or going to grade school, so there’s not as much nostalgia factor, but they were enjoyable by adults.


Yakko: Goodnight, folks!


Young Justice or nothing.


Maybe I’m being too stuffy. Yakko would take me down a peg for that.