Human body parts in recycling bin... weren't that

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“Reduce, reuse, reanimate”



(I have a sign on the recycle bin I keep in the house that says “good body parts ONLY”, leftover from a halloween party back in… 2010? 2011? Never bothered taking the sign off the bin. :smiley: )


Clearly should have been the composting bin.


It’s just a practical joke that’s got out of hand

I guess it never occurred to him that making people think you murdered someone might get him in trouble. Idiot.


Like most practical jokes, they’re a lot funnier (for small values of) to the perpetrator than they are to the victim.


As a general rule, if your practical joke is likely to result in armed police visiting your target then it isn’t a practical joke, it’s a death threat.


He’s in the UK so armed police aren’t the first response. It’s a wooden top bobby going ‘Ullo, Ullo, What ave we here’ /s

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One day the thing that wasn’t that will turn out to be that.

So am I, and while the police don’t usually carry guns (there are exceptions, you see them standing around in high profile places in London carrying MP5s), if the cops think they are dealing with someone who dismembers bodies there will be ARVs heading there. Using those guns will incur a considerable amount of paperwork though.

Ironically British cops have more gun training than US cops.


Tee hee.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here but I bet the prankster legged it afterwards. I’m glad it was just some 'armless fun.


I would say that is a good thing.

In this case while the ARV would be in the street they wouldn’t be the ones knocking on the doors. If someone was throwing body parts out a window then SO19 would be the ones going through the door.

I don’t believe UK police go in all guns blazing not knowing anything about what they will find on the other side of the door.

Which isn’t to say they are not problematic. You would not want to be a women interacting with the police as you could end up raped and murdered.

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Almost certainly not, but you shouldn’t point guns (or an armed cop, no matter how well trained) at a random neighbour regardless.

Or any kind of transgender

She had some explicit advice for trans Londoners, warning: “If you see a Metropolitan Police officer, turn around and quickly walk away. I know how they will view you and I know a great many of them will mean you harm.”



Here you go: Human heart found in salt pile

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