Human case of plague confirmed in Colorado

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Plague is endemic in the wild rodent populations in much of the Western US. Every once in a while (10-20 times a year) someone will get too close to the wrong squirrel. The National Park Service has a page about plague in Yosemite.


Sorry, how many of the four horsemen are we up to now… AFAF…

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Yeah this is a slow news day story every 5-10 years in Colorado. Don’t let your dogs chase prairie dogs! They can come back with plague to pet.


As it is so rare in humans I wonder how the discovery/diagnosis timeline fits within the necessary treatment. Is it even in the cards for a preliminary “why lungs not work good?” screening?

Asking for a friend, maybe that lives in the NM mountains and that has no shortage of rodents on the “estate”.

Ma Nature > Humans from time to time even with our civilization and progress…

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The real trouble from rodents in dwellings is the hantavirus. It’s real and common. Much more common than the bubonic plague.

There were some parking lots closed for Colorado’s soccer team a few years ago due to plague.

You suggesting Lauren Boebert left some of her squirrely shit behind?

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