Human Centipede director proud of achievement


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AV Club: “As with all trolls, it’s best to ignore Human Centipede III.”


A pseudo-artsy variation of the “I’m just saying what everyone’s thinking” that trolls so often trot out after saying something really gross.


So much silly bullshit he’s spouting. His movies are for making bank. End of story.


Pa: Looky here ma. Some d-bag in a fedora thinks he’s John Waters.
Ma: Well git yur gun and shoo the little prick off.


It’s only a matter of time before he makes Centipede Ferox.


The fascinating thing is that he appears to have a whole fan base who are willing to swallow it, even without surgical modification.


To be fair, I’m super proud and excited when my daughter takes a big stinky shit. But she’s 6 weeks old…


I often think that if a person, especially a man, merely speaks with absolute confidence and conviction, a LOT of people will believe just about anything he says.


They’ll even line up right behind him.


Ebert said,

I am required to award stars to movies I review. This time, I refuse to do it. The star rating system is unsuited to this film. Is the movie good? Is it bad? Does it matter? It is what it is and occupies a world where the stars don’t shine.

I suppose in a sense it’s kind of impressive that he managed to make something that is not merely singular, but also something that can be effectively publicized. There are probably much worse things lurking somewhere out there in places I don’t know about and don’t even want to think about, but he’s made something that a site like this one will actually post articles about. (I’m assuming he had a big hand in publicizing the film – otherwise the publicists deserve to feel considerably more pride.)


In many ways Tom Six reminds me of a foppish Uwe Boll and twice as insufferable. He seems to truly relish how the Human Centipede films illicit such extreme responses. That says, to me at least, that he cares more about the publicity & marketing then the content. Aside from the grotesque human centipede concept, the movies (I haven’t seen the newest one though this Variety review tells me plenty are pretty mundane and without that central grotesque and our response to it, they’d be forgotten or ignored.

That being said I do love Dieter Laser (the mad scientist). He’s like a love child Klaus Kinski & Udo Keir might have produced, raised in a box and unleashed onto the world fully formed and mad as a hatter. He’s nowhere near a Udo Keir or a Kinski but more a budget priced German nutter. He is the best thing in Lexx Season 2 IMO…


Mr. Six’s work falls into the category of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”


Im very sensitive to prideful artists gushing over their shit work, and Im not getting that from this guy.

I also dont expect him to disparage his fan base in an attempt to be completely honest about his work. Nor is any artist going to admit “well, I just think it looks cool”.


Jethro: Fer chrissakes, Pa, that’s a Panama. Stop calling all men’s hats “fedoras” already!


I have to say though, BB promotes enough art-wank that it really shouldn’t be quite as judgmental. Plus, these films did give us the “HumancentiPad” episode of South Park, so that’s something.


Well the idea makes me feel ill, so I guess he has a point…


Eric Roberts is in this movie?! I thought he was a (semi-) well respected actor? I guess a job is a job.


I could really go for the concept of this sequel, if only the victims weren’t poor dregs but lofty scum like the hyper-rich, and the traitorous filth in government.

I could dig that, for sure. But this? Utter drivel.


Eric Roberts a semi-respected actor? I think it depends on what you mean by respected. If you mean an actor who will rarely say no to project no matter how small or bad, be professional and not a prima donna on set, and produce consistently average work regardless of the film or programme… then yes he is respected (and his filmography shows that - If you mean respected as in he’s a great thespian, then the answer is no. But do check out his credits - the guy’s been in Inherent Vice and in A Talking Cat!?! (as the voice of the cat!).