Human skull bowl


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These newfangled pre-made skull bowls. Why in my day, we’d make 'em the old fashioned way: from the severed heads of our enemies.


What are you, Nobunaga?


“What is best in life?”, Gracchus was asked as he took another spoonful of high-fibre cereal…

[just added this to my want list]


Great looking bowl, it seems that it doesn’t come with the top of the skull. I’d prefer if it did but either way its a small critique if i did have to give one, that and $100 price tag.


Skullduggery comes to mind.



All hail Trudi Cooper, Australia’s greatest treasure!


I thought it was Crocodile Dundee


That bowl has a huge capacity.
“Yes, I’ll have one brains capacity serving please.”
“Why, have we got the bowl for you!”




Pass. Just read the cannibal news from Russia. Ewwww.


I’m so tired of people depicting skull goblets made with the lower half of the skull. Obviously every barbarian knows you’re supposed to use the calvaria. That, along with the unnecessary use of torches and candles in well-lit scenes of Game of Thrones really ruined the suspension of disbelief for me.


Used by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for drawing lots to see who must spearhead each push to repeal Obamacare. Last seen in the hands of Graham and Cassidy.

(I was thinking of your comment akimbo.)


Enjoy your hotpot like Pol Pot!


It would be possible to use a human skull for the lower half but it would involve lining the inside with perhaps silver or gold to avoid rusting (if done back in the day). It’s kind of cheating but it’d work. If one wants to drink straight out of your defeated foe’s skull as is then yeah, inverting it would be the best way.


Most of the ones I’ve seen in person were made from the skulls of Tibetan monks.


Having seen it done both ways (totally. not. kidding.) it’s my opinion that a lined lower skull makes a better drinking vessel, because it’s not so broad and shallow. You’re supposed to line them with gold, but if you’re using one of those realistic plastic models you can just use brewer’s pitch.