Human skull lyre




When he said he would make a liar out of me, I never thought about the homonyms.


The trick with making these is finding a human with horns suitable for stringing.


Ever get a tune in your head you just can’t get rid of? This guy can probably sympathize with you.


Politicians are finally good for something!


Nope, NO soul for music.


That’s the most metal lyre I’ve ever seen.


Perfect for an 11 minute Spinal Tap solo.


Metal as fuck.


Also, no guts for the strings.


Wow, apparently they’ve got another one as well.

Does anyone know of other instruments made from human remains? The only other one I’ve heard of is the Tibetan leg flute.


Best played while wearing necropants


“All I ever wanted to do was sing.”



god info


Oo, oo!! I know this one :slight_smile: at least I think this is the right version for the pic Hum, on second thought maybe not…close though.


Birds and squirrels are one thing- but to charm Hades, Orpheus knew that some generic ivory-and-silver lyre would not suffice.


There’s a Discworld book, The Last Hero, in which the heroes (led by Cohen the Barbarian) kidnap a bard to suitably commemorate their epic last exploit (which involves blowing up the home of the gods). The book is profusely illustrated; at the beginning, the bard is shown as a stereotypical medieval troubador, with fancy-lad clothes, strumming a typical lute. At the end, he’s wearing a ragged fur cloak, with tears streaming down his gaunt, haunted face, and he’s playing a–yes!–lyre made out of a skull. (They don’t give the words of his ballad, but I’d like to believe that it’s to the tune of “Stairway to Heaven”.)

P.S. Here we go!

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