Human testing of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine to begin in September

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When minutes matter, Johnson & Johnson will be there in years.

I mean, I know that this is the normal or even an accelerated schedule for vaccine production, but there are already other vaccines in human trials…


September? When we see it, we believe it.

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Yes. And they are trialed in order to find out whether they are
1 safe (enough)
2 actually work
So at this point I’m fine with as many potential vaccines tested as possible.
Eggs, basket, and all that.


So you’re saying this is week three of 72, then?

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doesn’t it take a year after trials for a vax to be approved? I know trumpkins will push it through and test it for death on prisoners or something first, I mean we’re flying without any EPA regulations right now for inexplicable reasons, imagine what’s going into the water and air

in the meanwhile

COVID-19 Treatment Dashboard

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The Moderna vaccine is a pretty big experiment. It’s already in trials because it doesn’t rely on actually having viral proteins or any production process to make them. Instead Moderna is using a lipid nanoparticle to deliver an RNA that encodes a viral protein. The idea is that the RNA will get into enough cells and release enough RNA that they start making the viral proteins, then those viral proteins stimulate an immune response, which in turn turns into immune memory. There’s a pretty big chain of what-ifs in the mechanism and Moderna, as a company, has been in a tough spot for a few years now vis a vis getting human studies underway.


To be clear: I am not suggesting that one vaccine is enough nor that Johnson and Johnson shouldn’t be doing this…

I more rather hope that they can get it done faster. Schedules are really accelerated all over the place for Covid-19 related items; and they are bending a lot of regulations. And while the normal procedures are very important and are there for very good reasons, there is a certain element of speed here will likely save more lives than the haste will take.

I really, really, really don’t want to be social distancing until September 2021…

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Care to give them blanket immunity against lawsuits? How about financial losses due to damage to reputation? This is a company that still remembers the tylenol poisonings and those weren’t even its fault.

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This is just their attempt, with the US Government’s collusion, to seize control of the narrative before they even finish their preclinicals.

I was reading that within three hours of the genetic code of the virus being released, someone had an experimental vaccine. The tools for this stuff have gotten really, really advanced. The problem is, it’s the testing that takes several years - and for good reason. There’s evidence that one of the vaccine approaches might actually cause more harm than help.

If it was up to me, for this, I would.

Some things can’t be rushed, they just take time, no matter how many people work on them. As my mom used to say when people in a rush said “hire more people, get it done now”, nine women can’t make a baby in a month.

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