Johnson & Johnson starts 60,000-person final stage test of Covid-19 vaccine

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Every single article about vaccines…

  • Super exciting buzz words about a vaccine to get your hopes up!
  • Caveats and if/then scenarios to ground you in reality and prepare you for a let down
  • The actual let down saying don’t expect anything soon.

My favorite are the ones that only give you the first bullet in your RSS reader so you have to click on the article to get the let down.


Sooo…summer 2021 if everything goes according to plan?


Hopefully they kept the asbestos out of it.

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So sufficient doses will be out weeks before the election like Donnie says (but after the release of his ACA replacement)?

Donnie meant a different vaccine, maybe the Russian one, brought to you by the makers of novichok. His health care plan is totally awesome and provides complete coverage for everyone. It is known as the Dirt Nap.


Obligatory reminder that we’re going to have a real problem getting people to take a vaccine. We’re going to need high compliance to achieve herd immunity in a timely fashion, but (according to NPR) a recent poll showed as many as 40% of people may not get vaccinated. They don’t trust the system, the institutions, or the science. This is Trump’s legacy.

Remember that vaccines are not magic bullets that make you safe. They have an efficacy rate below 100% which means, once again, success depends on all of us working together. If the efficacy rate is 80% and 60% of people take it, that’s nowhere close to herd immunity and many thousands will continue to die (and you still won’t be able to eat in restaurants or go to movies).


That is a reasonable, if optimistic, time frame. I cold actually see that happening. As usual, with the standard “if everything goes perfectly” caveat.

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The current FDA chief is on record as saying they will accept 50% efficacy in a vaccine. That would effectively make adequate herd immunity impossible. As usual, they have no clue.


I would certainly hope that airlines, movie theaters, restaurants and other places where people congregate would make you show a vaccination card to get it once a vaccine is widely available and there’s no excuse not to get one. Maybe not in America, but in the civilized world at least.

The other important factor nobody seems to talk about is that COVID is not like small pox where you get one vaccine and you’re protected for life. The immune response to COVID is very short. One researcher I follow said that it may require boosters every month.

Everyone is living and talking as though we just have to collectively clench for a few more weeks or months and the vaccine will save us all. It’s not going to be like that. Normalize masks and distancing because this is the new reality for the foreseeable future.


That would have a good chance of being unconstitutional in America or at least would be challenged as such. The right to public assembly is well defined. There’s a gray area there around private property rights versus the definition of a public space. Restaurants can probably refuse you service without being vaccinated but airports probably can’t. IANAL so take that FWIW.

Also, any sort of vaccination card would immediately be forged and sold online for the Covidiots anyway.

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See also: hand-laminated “mask exemption cards” with crap grammar, a sketchy URL, a random VOIP number, and watermarked clip art that wouldn’t pass scrutiny by a myopic sheep with conjunctivitis. The free market has already proven it will work around any guidance laid down by adults.

I’m hoping for a vaccinating mist that can be chemtrailed anywhere such folks are prone to gather: maybe a nice Facebook-circulated invitation for counter-BLM-protest. An ineffective vaccine is going to be even more ineffective when the antivax crowd reject it. Can you imagine administering boosters to such deep thinkers? “Yes, you’ve had one. But it’s been four weeks, time for another.” It will have to be disguised, like wrapping the dog’s pills in a lump of cheese.


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