Humpback whale exhales a beautiful rainbow


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I’ve heard of gay bears, but this is ridiculous.


I know! I am too terrified to contemplate where The Gay Agenda will rear its ugly head next…


How do we know this wasn’t just a unicorn farting a rainbow onto a whale?


Time to dust off my old “Nuke Gay Whales for Jesus” bumper sticker.


It’s WLLWD - what Lyndon Larouche would do.




Perhaps the whale swallowed the unicorn, which farted while in the whale.


That’s the HAARPback whale, with its CHEMTRAILSPOUT!


Holy shit… I AM A SHEEPLE! SHERPSON! thing. That whale has been part of the plan to sabotage my autonomy! Quick, books! What are some books I can buy? Who should I vote for? Throw me a lifeline here!


Forget unicorn chasers, now we’ve got rainbow-snorting humpback whale chasers!


That explains everything


Coming to a self-publish near you soon, a PNR story about the magical gay were-whales that shoot rainbows to attract their True Mates. This will be the cover.


Not so sinister - the whales just got news of the SCOTUS ruling because it takes a few weeks to translate that kind of stuff into mournful moans and clicks.


How in the world can this happen??? Is it MAGIC?


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