Hungarian camerawoman who tripped refugee announces she will sue that refugee


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Why is it that people hung up on ‘matters of honor’ show such high rates of being ghastly abhumans? Are their other ‘virtues’ whose biggest fans are so often defective?


“For him, it is now a matter of honor. It is now a matter of honor.”


She should sue the manufacturer of those shoes. It’s obvious that the micro tremors due to people walking near her caused her shoes to lose traction on the grass resulting in her foot making contact with the legs of the afore mentioned people. A clear case of habeas corpuscleculus veritatum or, in layman’s terms, the bloody truth.


Not just “tripping” but kicking children.

Here she is tripping a man carrying his child:

And here she is kicking a girl:

Warning, though, now this animal will sue Boing Boing for hosting these images.


I suspect fascists have a different sense of what constitutes “honor” than other people.


What’s more honorable than kicking and tripping children, then suing their families for good measure?


Too bad there isn’t a kickstarter for beatings. I’d contribute a few bucks to that.


“Humanity” is a relatively recent innovation that post dates honor driven society.


Pretzel logic is alive and well in Dumbfuckastan.


I think it’s called the police and your tax dollars*.

*or other monetary unit


In my experience people who describe their own actions with words like “honour” are usually assholes rationalising being assholes.

Most of the time when people genuinely act with honour it is others who judge them and label their actions that way.


We could call it, “Start Kicking”


I was thinking “Kick Stomper” or “Kick Slapper”.

or, dark horse candidate: “Kick-Puncher 5: The Kickening”


This is a good thing, as it will raise even more awareness of what a voluminous bag of shit this person is.


It would be grand if there were no place on earth where she could walk out in public without being pointed at. Also, people of honor should feel free to… well, I don’t have to say it.


I think we could put together a regular kicking fund. Every week, as she’s out and about, someone randomly comes up and trips her. Splat.


Kudos to the man she tripped for only shouting what I assume was something like ‘What the fuck lady’ after he and his child got up from the ground.

I’d like to think I would be equally level-headed after a dehumanizing asshole just tripped me and caused me to fall on my young child. I haven’t been violent with anyone since the 6th grade (which was self defense), but the nexus of violence+my child+harming/dehumanizing is probably about as close as I might ever come to behaving badly towards someone. I hope I never have to find out.


Where does the line form for getting sued by this collossal asshole?

Lady, you are a giant, flaming douchecanoe and your deserve all of the shite coming your way.

Now. Sue me.


I mean… She’s welcome to sue,. Doesn’t mean she’ll win though.