Hunt for creepy jogger who pushes woman in front of a moving bus

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Christ, what an asshole.


the only rationale I can think of is that he is a self-entitled prick who felt she should have moved out of his way, not him adjust his path by a even a step. beyond that there is simply zero explanation because honestly it doesn’t look like they’d have even touched each other otherwise.


Seriously! Time for London’s panopticon to earn its keep.


Yeah and that’s putting it mildly.

I might even even say “Christ, what an potentially goddamed murderous asshole.”


Come now. He was clearly a London financier. She was decreasing stockholder value. Had to be moved. Couldn’t be helped.


Oh right, my bad.

Those derivatives are not going to derivative themselves now.


I’d also observe that this was in a drive-left country; the woman’s position on the pavement was completely fine. Runner/attempted-manslaughter dude was on the wrong freakin’ side to begin with. Her behavior shouldn’t have caused him to do even so much as grumble. (Unless there’s something weird about pedestrian etiquette the Putney bridge fsr.)

Obviously, even if the situation were reversed, you don’t freakin’ push someone down for it. And in this case the heavy moving traffic a few feet away escalates it to a murder attempt.

I’ve read elsewhere that failure to stay right (or left, if that’s the rule in your country) on a two-way sidewalk is a marker for mental illness, just btw. Can’t turn up a reference at the moment, though it does square with personal anecdata.

Or, in this case, maybe it is a marker that the person is from a right-hand-drive country?

Conceivably. But that amount of murderous entitlement on the part of a visitor to the country, not yet used to local customs, is crazeballs too.

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Sounds pretty American


You haven’t meant many overly wealthy and self-entitled dickhead Londoners who work in the City, have you? They give Americans a run for their money.


Yeah, you’ve definitely got me there. But I meant as a potentially murderous dickhead visiting from a drive-right country.


Clearly a potential murderous psycho. He must have heard the bus right behind him.

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The jogger is described as white in his early to mid-30s

If I had to pick a demographic that would be most likely to commit such an act, this’d be it.

I don’t doubt it. He quite clearly veers toward the woman, so it wasn’t an issue of just being too close. I don’t know if he picked her out because of her appearance or thought he knew her, but it was not some innocent or even near-miss event.


Good point. There isn’t much a difference between the murderous self-entitled dickheads in London and those in America.

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If you are doing anything other than walking on the sidewalk, you give up any claim to any kind of right-of-way. This goes for people jogging, running, or using any form of wheeled transport on the sidewalk. One would think that is pretty obvious. I hope this douche gets identified and he can learn how little acts of aggression turn into almost murderous acts that get you “Internet Famous”.


Prior art, from 1776 on back.


And he goes nowhere near the man that is walking just a few feet ahead of her along the same line. Not to mention that he has ACRES of space on the other side.