Hunter Biden's Ukraine gig was corrupt, just not in the way Republican conspiracists claim it was

Has anybody ever discovered Trump (or anyone on his team of companion weasels) trying to dig up dirt on Bernie?

Even with everything that’s going on, I think Trump has still had time in the last 48 hours to try to bring up dirt on Hillary, and complain about Obama, in addition to his efforts to get Biden.

He’s definitely not trying to knock Bernie out of the race, from what I can see.


If you’re a big-tent Democrat that actually wants to win elections, then yes it is a good idea. In fact, it’s impossible without the majority of the Democratic party that he appeals to.

Does this mean that Bernie aligned progressives such as yourself are going to start calling him a “DINO” (Democrat In Name Only)? Where have I heard a variation of that before…

So Joe Biden wasn’t trying to get a prosecutor fired to protect his son. But he was allowing his son to sell his family name to corrupt enterprises to help protect their reputations.

Joe Biden… is a corporate centrist who did his job in Ukraine even while discrediting that job by allowing his son to cash in on the family name to defend a corrupt enterprise.

What does it mean to say Joe allows his adult son to take a job? My parents have never given me permission to take any of job I have ever had, and if my father ever forbade me one, well, fuck that.

I think you could only make the law to restrict the behavior of the person who holds office.* So, if you are president, and someone in your family gets money from a forbidden source, you are immediately out of office. That would give kids a lot of power though: Support my pet project, Mom, or I’ll accept money from China and you’ll be out on your ass.

*Because it seems untenable in the US political and legal system to say you, as a private citizen, can’t do something because someone in your family has a powerful position.


Not a Biden fan, but the equation would have to be:
Joe Biden = Donald Trump minus some of the racism and some of the misogyny, plus nearly half a century of significant experience in two out of three branches of government, plus an actual understanding of the US constitution, foreign policy, US interests, the basics of governing,…

I mean really. The only way they are similar are that they are old and white. (Hi Sanders! Hi Warren!)

(Yeah, Biden is racist [see: old and white]. , and little creepy. But not in any way in the same league as Trump.


Two words: Billy Carter.


The thing is, during a normal presidency, there’s an ethics process going on that prevents people like Joe Biden from doing something corrupt even if they wanted to. The irony is that it’s only during the Trump presidency that the process was totally gutted, the staff removed, and there’s no longer anything that prevents those kinds of violations. So you really don’t need a law - you just need that process in place.


In this particular case it would be “Hey, it sure could look like a corruption scandal if you take this job at a state run firm in a country where we may or may not have just helped get their current president elected so if you could take your cushy executive job in say Poland or some other country that’d be great.”

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From what I can tell Mitt Romney’s kid doesn’t work in Ukrainian energy, it’s his former national security advisor. Other than that, wow, this is quite interesting.


And for all we know, he may have. And Hunter replied, $600000!!!

ETA: I guess I mean that this is worth looking at, but in the absence of actual influence, it reflects poorly on Hunter rather than Joe Biden.

Isn’t that true of most management consulatnts-- that they have no real qualifications?


This suggests that Joe should have declined the Ukraine mission since Hunter already had the “job”:

I guess people forgot about the leaked Obama state department calls discussing who the next president of Ukraine should be in the midst of their popular uprising.

And this is ultimately why Dems will lose again. Just because Trump is doing the same thing doesn’t make him wrong about Biden, Hillary and other Dem leadership that are beholden to oligarchs and not the average voter. Just like Hillary in 2016, the Democrats #1 candidate is someone who embodies everything people on all sides of the spectrum hate about Washington.

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Everybody forgets that Yanukovych was unjustly removed from power for daring to propopse a viable alternative to the neoliberal hegemony.

Oh, I’m sure he had a great economic plan, and people just didn’t give him the chance, and it wouldn’t have been oligarchic, at all.



No, Joe had to wait a few years to get his payout.

Apparently $900K as payment for lobbying efforts after he left office.

$900K. From the company being investigated by the prosecutor that Joe bragged about successfully demanding the Ukraine fire or US loan guarantees would be withheld.

Nothing says “responsible steward of the people’s finances” like owning a private zoo on one’s sprawling estate.

And the only “viable alternative to the neoliberal hegemony” he was interested in was the kleptocratic gangster economy run by his puppetmaster to the east.


I’ve applied myself to this Biden bullshit for as long as I can. When it settles down to a level of non-shifting narrative, I’ll take it up again. For now, I think I’ll not think about this.


John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz was a business partner of Hunter Biden. Heinz warned Biden against working with Burisma and then ended their business relationship when Biden went ahead and joined the board( The Washington Post has further details). So, uh, I might take rightwing fever swamp memes with a grain of salt.