Hurricane Hermine Makes Landfall on Florida's West Coast

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Go home, Tallahassee Democrat, you’re drunk. Understandably.


And remember folks: Wait until the absolute last minute before the storm hits your area to put gas in the car, and to get that extra set of batteries and food and water and medicine–don’t bother stocking up before this point, because now is when all the great sales take place. You can tell b/c the stores are all busy!

(Or maybe be a smarty and prepare before the manic rush: )


It won’t be the last time a pretty girl is seen catfishing from Florida.

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Stuck in Savannah :frowning: plane couldn’t land because of weather. Waiting to see if it can get in a bit later … hope so, otherwise connecting international flights get borked :frowning:

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Did you make it?

24 hours later, yeah. Now I’m just one more flight away from home. Yay!

Thanks for asking :slight_smile:


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