Hurricane Hermine to Hit Florida's Gulf Coast with 'Life Threatening' Force


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Sailed through a few category 5 [storms] when I was sailing the Seas’. No thank you to that anymore please.


Were you on a research vessel or were there simply no ports in the storm?


I sailed primarily supertankers, but I did happen to be on some old rust buckets [unfortunately] that narrowly made it into port after a big blow like the one hitting Fla. right now. It was devoid of any fun, very happy to have made it to home soil.


It’s supposed to cross into southern GA, I think and out again to the Atlantic, probably crossing Savannah on it’s way back out to see. They’re saying we won’t get much but some rain, but we’ll see. Stay safe, whoever is in it’s path!


That sounds so much more harrowing than my crossing the Irish Sea in a storm. It was a fun experience, for me, anyway. While most of my fellow passengers were losing their lunches I was knocking back pints of Guinness.

I’m glad you made it through. I guess sticking to your stateroom helped.


What else was there to do for a gentleman such as myself?


Execute evasive maneuvers!


I remember people at work getting worried about…Irene(?)…in 2011, then it ended up nowhere near. This one looks much more likely to hit :frowning:


Are you kidding me? I did the exact same thing on the Swift in 2005.


It shot north of us, we’re still getting drenched. Lost power for an hour and the roof off the pergola but no trees down so I call it a victory. Fingers crossed for the panhandle, those folks have been hit hard too many times before.


We get a lot of mileage out of that GIF!

Meanwhile, Hawaii has had 2 back to back storms; Madeline gave us a near miss, and Lester is still grinding towards us as a Cat 4 currently. Strangely, we don’t make the news near as much.


Paradise envy?


Hawaii’s in my local paper every day.


Citations, please… these are rare, and shipping avoids them at all costs.
That’s why there is precious rare video of the seas these storms create.

Hermine is barely a category 1, and won’t be for long.
I’m in Tallahassee, lots of rain, wind @ 20-25 knots. We’re predicted to have sustained winds of ~45 at the peak, early Friday AM.
I am glad I’m not south, Lake City or Perry, where the tornado activity is predicted. Or along the coast, where the storm surge will have an impact, mostly very lightly populated areas, but for Horseshoe Beach, Cedar Key, etc.


Yep, hopefully the impact of crossing over so much land will help. Hopefully the people where it’s making landfall will be safe too.


Stay safe!




I live for the day when they start naming storms after political figures. The have a great deal in common, hot air windbags that have the potential to do a lot of damage…


Me, too. And especially as you mention, Cedar Key is going to take a beating–which makes me sad because Cedar Key is a delightful little spot. Things I’ve lost at Cedar Key: two fishing poles, a bait bucket, one bathing suit, one sock, a pair of cheap sunglasses, and plenty of sobriety.

Hang in there, North Florida. And during these exact moments, take a little time to consider which current Presidential candidate would be more effective in mitigating the effects of Hermine and other natural disasters.

One last thing: Think long and hard before you ever stoop to telling someone that human morality is responsible for this storm.