Hurricane Ivanka? Petition to change Hurricane Irma's name sweeps through Internet


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Meh, seems kinda petty and pointless. Won’t actually do anything.

And I’d remind people that wild or violent weather alone doesn’t prove anything. Just like snow storms don’t prove climate change isn’t real. It’s long term changes and patterns that are the proof (and a whole lot of data projections).


It is hoping to collect at least 10,000 signatures.

The petition is… hoping? A highly intelligent web page, to be sure. Maybe the person who wrote the petition is hoping, but they didn’t care to sign their work. The petition simply “is,” because somebody wanted to say something clever, but not actually take a stand or anything.

An awful lot of internet activism is like this.



Can we also rename Jose to Jared?


Petty maybe, but not pointless.

If people want a destructive force of nature named after you as a symbol for the societal chaos that you cause or enable, that sends a helluva message…


Not at only 10,000 people. Pretty sure I could get 10,000 people sign to replace Trump with Boba Fett. :confused:


If it catches on, that should go without saying.

Personally, I doubt that the name will actually be changed, given that storm is already in effect and wreaking havoc, but just the fact that people wanted to change the name says a lot.

Resistance comes in many forms…


No. She doesn’t deserve it. (The honor, that is)




Don’t be so hard on Ivanka. She’s really trying to be a moderating influence on these powerful hurricanes.


There are about 650,000 of us down here in South Florida right now that have a very clear perspective on how petty, childish, and pointless beyon an exercise in pseudo activist ego masturbation this is.


A small part of me thinks:

“hang on a minute, she’s already married to Trump, isn’t that punishment enough?”



Only if it’s the special edition Boba Fett in white armor.


White, full of hot air, constantly spinning, brings nothing but misery in its wake - yep works for me.


That’s the prototype Fett, when the armor was first made and reflect the design in Ralph McQuarrie’s paintings and Joe Johnson’s sketches.


It’s bit half-arsed, though, isn’t it? Why not ask them to name all hurricanes ‘Donald’ from now on?


The Trump family is nothing more than a collection of petty, greedy money-grubbers. Every thing they do is predicated on a basis of how it will contribute to their financial bottom line. Folks, you voted for him, you got him.


Actually, quite a lot of us didn’t, and we’re still pretty sore at the ones who did.